There is a loneliness epidemic sweeping across the UK right now.

As a society we’re more connected than we’ve ever been, yet never felt more isolated.

Whilst the space for digital connection has been immensely useful in so many ways, it’s increasingly evident that it simply cannot replace the embodied presence of a loving neighbour and a local community.

We believe as radical followers of Jesus we should be leading the way in what it looks like to be beacons of hope and a redemptive presence in the lives of those God has sovereignly placed in our midst.

A study by The Co-op and British Red Cross revealed that 17% of adults in the UK are either always or often lonely. That means if you go out of your way to speak to 12 people, at least 2 of them will be struggling with loneliness and longing for deeper connection!

It’s time for the church to once more take up the burden of responsibility for loving the neighbour next door.

Track with us as via Instagram as we share stories from the Shift Family of how they have taken up the call to bring hope to their neighbours. We’ll also be sharing stories of transformation where God has broken in to the everyday lives of local neighbourhoods, where His love is being made manifest and people are encountering His presence.

We’d love to stand with you and hear what God is calling you to do to make a difference in your building, on your street and in your neighbourhood.