Without prayer there is no power. We work to mobilise 20-30s to grow in the area of prayer, whilst also catalysing  corporate prayer for our culture. 



Evangelism can be difficult so we create opportunities to grow in confidence when it comes to sharing our faith with friends, family and strangers. 



Churches everywhere are trying to work out what discipleship looks like in the 21st Century. We explore different ways and provide tools for equipping people.



Generosity, the antidote to consumerism. We inspire and challenge people to give more and offer opportunities to support amazing organisations.


Our vision is, 'to see our generation captivated by God and impacting culture.' We believe this is God's heart and want to join in with what He is doing.

Our mission therefore is to serve the church by inspiring, challenging and equipping those in their 20s and 30s to be the change makers. We believe true change can only come about through the power of God working in us and through us. We therefore focus on promoting 4 Spiritual Disciplines: Prayer, Evangelism, Discipleship and Giving. We believe these disciplines will produce healthy individuals and in turn a healthy church, positioned to impact our culture in a healthy way.

Our next event is the Shift Weekend.


We are now looking to build our capacity. We have grown over the last few years and seen God do some amazing things. We have a big vision and lots of imagination for how we move towards seeing our vision come to life. Some ideas have already started and others are waiting until we have the resources to launch them.

Here are two examples:

Shift the Journey

Focus: Evangelism.  Status: Already started   

Brief: We realised that the majority of Christians in their 20-30s are not confident in sharing their faith. Why? Well its not because they dont believe it has the power to change lives but because theyve never had the opportunity to practice how. Now imagine trying to grow in your ability to run a 10km race but the only movement you're used to is walking to your car because you drive everywhere. If you dont train for a 10km run you will never be able to complete a race, let alone finish in a good time. Its no different when it comes to sharing our faith. We therefore created an opportunity for people to train and practice in a way that resembled everyday life.

In Practice: We spend the morning learning the theory and then in the afternoon we go out in small groups and practice, taking the opportunity to learn from mistakes we make and grow. Time spent doing this, significantly increases people's confidence when it comes to sharing their faith. We know this because we measured where people were at before and then after.

Future: We want to roll this out across the UK and Ireland over the next year and then further a field the year after.


Shift Quarterly

Focus: Prayer.  Status: Launching in 2017

Brief: Without prayer, there is no power. As our network has grown we have individuals located in almost every major city in the UK and Ireland. As we desire to see the nation reached it will not happen without prayer. We therefore want to mobilize the members in our network to host a citywide prayer gathering in the areas they are located in to both unite the church and pray for a move of God in that area.

In Practice: We have a number of representatives signed up in London, Bournemouth, Bristol, Bath, Edinburgh and Addis Ababa already and we are looking to get our first gathering underway as early as March this year.

Future: We want to mobilize this prayer movement across the globe, and gather stories from each city in video format to share online as a way of inspiring more faith and sharing God's goodness with those that don't know Him.


These are just two ideas, alongside the events we are already running, that we would love to start growing. We have reached our capacity trying to run this on the side and it's now time to build it into something more. Your generous support will go towards enabling these ideas, initially through providing a salary for a member of staff, who will manage and grow both our projects and our team of volunteers, as we move towards a sustainable model for the future.