Shift began in 2011 as an idea, stirring within the hearts of a group of University students. The dream was to mobilise our Christian friends to take the hope of Jesus and to transform culture with it. We gathered on New Years Eve of 2012 and there Shift began.

Since then, we've grown in many ways but our heart hasn't changed. Our vision still remains, 'to see our generation captivated by God and impacting culture.' We believe this is God's heart, and as God chooses to use the church to do this, our mission is centred around the church.

Our mission is to is to serve the church by inspiring, challenging and equipping those in their 20s and 30s in the areas of: Prayer, Evangelism, Discipleship and Giving. We currently do this through events and initiatives, but as we grow we look to develop resources too.

Check out some of our events here, and if you feel compelled to support this movement you can do so here.


  • Caleb Meakins, Co-Founder and Director
  • Rev. Keir Shreaves, Chair of Trustees,  Anglican Minister  
  • Precious Omoregie, Co-Founder and Trustee,  Partnerships at Sony Music Entertainment
  • Andrew Simmons, Trustee (Treasurer),  Director at JC Rathbone Associates
  • Paul Boland, Trustee (Secretary),  Business Development Manager at Longview Economics
  • Mia Skelly, Trustee (Pastoral Care), Nurse at the NHS
  • Robert Colvin, Trustee (Legal),  Associate at Freshfields


  • Rev Lyndon Bowring, Executive Chairman of CARE
  • Rev Archie Coates, Vicar of St Peter's Brighton
  • Rachel Gardener, Founder of Romance Academy.
  • Jasper Rutherford Head of Summer Madness and Catalyst, Church Army.
  • Kiera Phyo, Head of Youth and Emerging Generation, Tearfund.
  • Dr Krish Kandiah, Founder of Home for Good.
  • Joy Omoregie, HSBC
  • Mike Horne, Founding Partner at ASHA
  • Tom Jackson, CEO of Resurgo Ventures


We have worked with some fantastic organisations over the past few years, who we now call great friends. Some we have had more formal partnerships with like Tearfund, and others less formally, but who with out we wouldn't be here today, like Fusion.